For our clients, we are here to make the hiring process easy and effective. We pride ourselves on finding the right candidate for your company in a timely and efficient fashion.

Exentive’s services aid our clients in making better hires and reducing employee turnover by finding an accurate match for your company.  We have access to a strong pool of candidates and are actively sourcing and engaging these individuals.

We are first and foremost passionate consultants.  Our support teams overseas assist us in mapping and gathering research for our retained and exclusive roles.

We refuse to work with too many clients and choose to work with those who partner with us to better allow us to understand the culture and underlying value sell of the company.


We primarily focus on retained searches.  This allows us to prioritize your search and put the proper resources together to accelerate our coverage of the market to map, identify, engage, and sell the benefit of joining your organization.

From a candidate perspective, many of the best and most passive candidates are more prone to speak confidentially for retained roles rather than contingency positions.  Most candidates in the market visible on social media are spammed routinely; they tend to work with select few agencies who work on exclusive basis with their clients.


Candidate Sourcing in a highly competitive market needs the best local knowhow.  Many companies repeatedly are surprised and fail at their hiring time lines due to a lack of understanding how best to source or where to identify the right types of candidates.  Many times, the expectations of candidates do not fit the market and a company needs to change its strategy to better hire the right people.

The Exentive team has access to all the sources available for recruitment (including knowing which agencies are the most competent in this sector).  This background will be used specifically for your company.

Recruitment is a significant cost to HR, but hiring the right person is core. The opportunity cost of not having the right person in the job will extend project time tables and increase time costs for all parties engaged in the search.



Contingency recruiting is a method companies often use for placing positions for middle to upper management positions. With our contingency recruitment, we use the same discretion as we do with our other job search options.


We can quickly provide you with skilled candidates that will help drive your business with our contingency search. We understand that this is sometimes more beneficial for your company than a retained search. With our contingency model, we pull together market research and analytical data to help target the right hire from our vast network of candidates. As with all of our searches, we use complete discretion and professionalism to help assist you throughout the recruitment process.